Jacques Gautrais

Academic Researcher (CNRS — France)


Dr Jacques Gautrais,

Bat 4R3 - esc b2 - étage 2 - room 219

CRCA UMR 5169, Université Paul Sabatier

118 Route de Narbonne

Toulouse F-31062 cedex 4  France

Mail : contact on domain gautrais.net

Self-organized dynamics in animals

• explain collective motion in sheep herds and fish schools

• decipher individual behavioral rules that shape the highly adaptive architectures made by social insects.

Emergent patterning in neocortex

• cross­fertilize advancements in modeling self-organized dynamics, contributed by statistical physics of non linear phenomena, with the molecular and genetic analysis in the mouse in order to progress towards a unifying dynamical model of neocortex development.

Lab    Centre de Recherche sur la Cognition Animale 

Université de Toulouse - CNRS (UMR 5169)

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